Photo credit: Nikki Harris Studio

Hi there. Thank’s for stopping by.

I am professional photographer for custom women portraiture based in Vienna, Austria.

I was born in a small town in Bulgaria. Since 2000 I live and work in Vienna, Austria. My first contact with photography was by coincidence. At the early age of 14 through my first year at the School of Fine Arts and Foreign languages in Bulgaria I wanted to play guitar. Unfortunately, when it was time to get one there was none available in the store and I choose an analog camera Smena 8M. A few years later photography became my medium to convey how I see the world through my eyes. I captured pretty much everything that just caught my attention and with my photographs I was able to communicate my emotions, current challenges or excitement. I was fascinated by how the subject that I photographed, fitted in a particular environment and still told its own story.

As an introvert, being a silent observer is like a second nature to me. My intention is to build a connection with my subjects, to focus my attention on details that best define them so that I can tell their real story through my pictures. I’m inspired by the natural environment and by people in their own universe.

My work as Peppa Dot Photography has a common purpose — to capture and show the beauty and power of womanhood. My background in fine arts and the years of experience in photographing people and their stories allow me to convert personal experience into meaningful art. I believe that a great portrait has the power to take your breath away and to open your mind, to give you confidence to feel and trust what you see - namely your individual beauty and distinctive personality.

7 facts about me:


- buy sometimes books just because they look good,

- keep adding more to my reading list, even if it’s already way too long,

- can’t start my day without my favorite breakfast (obsessed with porridge and fresh strawberries) and coffee,

- love to bake and to decorate cakes, it has a calming effect on me,

- always watch a movie or a show to the end, even if it’s bad,

- believe in humanity and don’t like dishonesty and insincerity,

- like to write long sentences and to use beautiful and profound words in it.