"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." — Coco Chanel


Poetry is a fashion and nature inspired portrait session.

More and more women have decided that there is no reason they shouldn’t be pictured in the romantic and airy images so prevalent in magazines, film, and advertising today. Very few of us are models or movie stars, but we all deserve a moment in the spotlight, if it’s to share with the person we love, or just to remind ourselves that we can shine, no matter our age or body type.

So buy yourself something pretty, be pampered, be glowing, be glamorous. Stop the clock, enjoy, and make this an experience that’s all about celebrating you. Together we will create stunning and timeless portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime. You will be enchanting. You will shine. You will charm. You will be radiant. Because you are you.


Quiet moments

Intimate female portraiture

You are beautiful. And embracing your appearance in this feminine and flattering way exudes confidence. Women, no matter what stage of life they are in, are gorgeous. And every woman is worthy of having that beauty captured in contemporary meaningful art.

The session is all about you and revealing your sensual side. Through this empowering journey tailored uniquely to you I’m honoured to artistically capture your authentic inner and outer beauty. I believe that every woman is truly transformed through this experience. Being able to see yourself in a new light can be a great deal of self-discovery.

Simply you

These sessions are the perfect way to improve your personal or business brand.

In today’s social media and personal brands age, every person deserves to leave the right first impression. One that grabs the attention and best communicates your message. In this session we create images that reflect you and empower the smart and sophisticated entrepreneur and the extraordinary woman you are.

My goal is to help you tell your story and build your brand through contemporary visual content.