"Seeing is believing." — Unknown

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves an equally gorgeous presentation. My goal is to complete your images and your portraiture experience through elegant final products. Once your session is finished you’ll have several fantastic options for preserving your selected portraits.

The most popular keepsakes I love to offer my clients are high quality linen books in magazine style and timeless design, and session books — luxury coffee table books with all selected images from your portrait session.

Ready-to-hang framed art and wall canvases are a great way to show off your portraits as a stand-alone or in a grouping. After all, you look amazing!

Image boxes are an excellent place to keep a collection of matted prints, or maybe some of the more intimate shots that you don’t want to display in an album.

I create meaningful art and believe in the power of tangible products that you can hold in your hands, feel proud of yourself and savour for a lifetime. I know from experience how digital files go into oblivion, digital storage media breakdowns occur and computer technology is constantly evolving. Do you still remember floppy disks? Yes, that’s what I mean. And you deserve something better. For that reason I do not offer digital packages with all session images, with an exception for branding portraits you want to use on your website or advertising materials to improve your business. So, let’s talk if you need such a session.

Throughout the whole selection process I will be here to help you choose the products that best fit your needs and arrange those, so that the presentation doesn’t compete with your portraits, but enhances and elevates them.

For the love of sharing
You’ll receive a digital copy (in web resolution with a small logo watermark) for each purchased portrait so you can share it on social media or with your family.